How to Handle Maintenance and Repairs for Your South Florida Rental Property

Today on Ask All County, we are talking to our excellent maintenance coordinator, who is sharing the maintenance and repair process that we follow.

Communication and the Maintenance Process

Our maintenance and repair process is simple. Tenants have to put their request in writing so we can document it. Then, we communicate, letting them know we received it. We also have a 24 hour line in case we aren’t open or there’s an emergency. Tenants can reach us there as well. When a maintenance request is submitted, we look at what’s going on and send it to one of our preferred vendors. Then, we email the tenant letting them know that a vendor will be contacting them to schedule the repair. We also let the owners know what’s happening. Communication is 100 percent key because we don’t want the tenants to feel like their needs are being ignored.

Handyman Services vs. Licensed Vendor

We do not have maintenance in house, but we do have a preferred vendor list. We have been working with these professionals for quite a while. They are all licensed and insured. Using a good vendor rather than someone you know or a local handyman is always safer. We know that the licensed vendors have insurance protection so if anything goes wrong, their insurance will cover them. We have worked with our vendors and contractors for a long time, and they do great work for affordable prices.

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Home Inspection Process

Part of maintaining an asset is protecting it. We recommend doing a quarterly drive by inspection of the property so you can at least get a look at the exterior. It might need some landscaping or paint. So always drive by and see how it looks. You don’t want to see tenants parking on the grass or setting up workshops on the lawn. The interior should be inspected annually, or perhaps bi-annually. Make sure everything looks good, because this is your investment property.

If you need help putting together a maintenance checklist or you have any questions pertaining to rental property management in South Florida, please contact us at All County PPM.